Swingin’ Cindy w/ 200m run

3 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats
20 single arm swings (10 each arm)
200m run

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Jerk (4 rounds)

2 rounds – heavy one arm swings. Switch arms when grip is almost fatigued. Rest as needed.

30s on/30s off jumping squats – 14 minutes



  1. Weighted Jumping Squats for KB Sport? If so is my goal heavy weight for strength or lighter for conditioning?

  2. KB Sport Training
    Jerk L14 24kg bells, 8 rpm.
    Struggled on the last set a little. Will repeat L14.

    Swings: 28kg – L/R – 35/41, 32/37

    Squat Jumps: 24kg Bell. 10-12 reps every 30 second set. Will feel it tomorrow.

    Good workout overall.

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