Vitamin D

Athletic Performance and Vitamin D – showing an increase Type II muscle fiber at optimal (50ng/mL) levels

Vitamin D Associated w/ Greater Muscle Mass – effects hypothesized from both an androgenic point of view and direct muscle receptors (VDR)

Vitamin D and Mitochondria – As athletes, we absolutely want to maximize density and efficiency of mitochondria

Faster Muscular Recovery w/ higher 25(OH)D Levels

I have seen recommendations of 4000ius per day, but also with the warning that everyone responds differently – a dose too small is pointless, a dose too high is harmful and can lead to toxicity of the blood.



  1. Saw your Twitter Post…travellig with no KB, but here’s today’s Hotel WOD.

    7/10/13 Hotel Tabata
    67 Push-up 18,11,9,7,7,5,5,5
    90 Sit-Up 11,14,14,11,10,10,10,10
    103 Squat 14,15,13,14,12,12,12,11
    32 Burpee 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4

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