Wod 1:

4x max chin-ups
4x max v-ups

Wod 2:

6min AMRAP:
One-arm long cycle

Rest 3 minutes

6min AMRAP:

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level snatch:

1 set: Heavy half-snatch (shorter than level. End the set feeling strong.)

2 set: Sport Level – competition weight.
*Push the effort here. Decreased volume should allow a quality effort here.

3 set: Sport level – lighter weight

3 rounds: static hold jerks. 5 count each position

3x max pull-ups. Hang from bar until failure after last rep of each set.

Run – long, easy pace



  1. KB Sport Training

    Snatch L6 for all sets.
    Snatch Sets: (weight, Reps Left/Reps Right)
    28kg 20/19
    24kg 20/21
    20kg 25/27

    Jerk w/hold 28kg bells:
    10, 12, 15

    Ran out of time during my lunch break.

    Will have another weekend without training. Leaving for a camping trip this evening.

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