Repeat 3 times:

1 set of max effort pull-up
4min AMRAP of:
10 burpees
10 double kb push press
*if you don’t have two kettlebells, add 1 minute to the AMRAP and do 10 reps each arm

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level jerks (4 rounds)

3 rounds: single-arm swings competition weight. Work the grip, rest as needed.

3x max chin-ups – hang from bar final rep of each round

20 minute kb stepups (put kb in backpack)



  1. 18 pull-ups 2 round + some, 16kg, 5min
    10 pull-ups 1 round + some, 16kg, 2hand push press, 4min
    7 pull-ups 1 round, 16kg, 2hand push press, 4min

    Burbees were killing me.. tomorrow I need a rest.

  2. 1 set of max effort pull-up
    5min AMRAP of:
    10 burpees
    10 kb push press (each hand) – one 35#
    Totals: 20, 2; 12, 2; 12, 2

    First day back from vacation. So after a week of not working out and having vacation diet- 1) I felt like dying 2) I feel like I’ve lost a lot of endurance, but kept my strength

  3. KB Sport Training
    Jerk L14
    Set 1: 26 reps
    Set 2: 22 reps
    Set 3: 20 reps
    Set 4: 20 reps
    Felt good. After looking at the video I didn’t realize how much movement/wasted energy I am using to reset the bells in the rack position after each rep. Will work on that.
    video: http://youtu.be/GqpgmZ7fYSE

    Swings 24kg:
    Set 1: 40/40
    Set 2: 45/45
    Set 3: 55/49

    Didn’t have time to finish. Had a father-son thing to do.

  4. Did a pullup crossfit WOD yesterday so not so good on pullups today.

    GPP: 3 rounds
    1st set (using 2x16kg bells): 15 pullups, 2 full rounds & 10 burpees
    2nd set (2x16kg bells): 9 pullups, 2 full rounds
    3set (2x12kg bells): 12 pullups, 2 full rounds

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