JayHenMac, here’s your snatch critique:


WOD 1:

3x max push-ups

WOD 2:

12min AMRAP:
Ascending ladder of goblet squats and double arm swings:

1 goblet squat
1 double arm swing
2 goblet squats
2 double arm swings…

Post round reached at the end of the 12 minutes.

Wod 3:

3x Plank hold until failure

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Snatch:

Set 1: Lighter than competition weight, full snatches. Focus here is warming up good movement patterns, so end the set feeling good.

Set 2 (Main Set): Competition weight/competition rules – really push the effort here towards higher reps/longer duration

Set 3: 1 swing into 1 snatch – lighter than competition weight – push the grip here then switch arms.

As a circuit (4 rounds):
max pullups – hang from bar until failure after last rep of each set. Rest as needed to get quality sets.
Max hollow body hold
Max superman hold

8x100m sprints – rest 1 minute between rounds. Use grassy area if possible.



  1. I appreciate the analysis and advice. I do over think my form. More so in the snatch than in the Jerk.
    I will work on keeping the bell on a path closer to the body. It makes sense and to be honest I have never had anyone really break down my form. I do find that when I drop the bell and keep it TOO close to the body, it’s extremely hard on the grip at the bottom. Almost like trying to drop the bell and catch it before it hits the floor. I guess its a mix of dropping and “controlled” dropping.

    I’ll post another vid in a couple of weeks and then i’ll make sure to post the footage from the comp.

    1. I agree about the “too close” thing. Really take some time tomorrow finding a comfortable groove before your competition weight set tomorrow. Even if you have to break reps down, say, a bunch of sets of 5 each arm at lighter weight, do it.

      1. I think I may break away from the sport levels tomorrow. Spend some real time on form for the first set. My wife made a point about my form. It changes from right hand to left hand. Specifically my hip/leg movement and my foot positioning.
        So the first set will be no specific duration to focus on form. Second set will be comp weight comp pace for 85% effort or so. Push hard but not to failure. 3 Set to failure with lighter weight.

        How does that sound?

      2. Yep, sounds good to me. If you want to add a set of single-arm swings at the end to increase the volume without wrecking your hands, I might suggest that.

        Do it to it.

    1. No need to thank me. I need all the help I can get. Looking forward to representing the Kettlebell WOD nation in August.

      To be honest I am actually looking forward to spending a couple of months doing the GPP workouts after the comp. lol.

  2. This killed me!

    WOD #1: 25; 15; 10

    WOD #2: 20kg, 15 rounds
    I really need to work on conditioning because this left me gassed.

    WOD #3: 2:00; 1:15; 1:00

  3. KB Sport Training:

    Ok, So I kind of went off program today. I started with good intentions but got extremely focused on working on my form.
    I probably did 20 or so sets of 5-10 snatches with the 20KG bell.
    After that I did a solid 10 minute set with the 24kg bell switching hands each minute on the minute. The focus was form over numbers.

    After the timer went off I did a bunch of small sets with the 24. I lost count.

    Well you know when you push so hard you hit the “wall” and then push past it? You end up in this weird zone where you feel no more pain. That’s when I knew it was time to quit.

    Definitely was a form focus day.

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