WOD 1:

Repeat 3 times:
2min max push press
2min max air squats
2min max heavy double-arm swing

Rest 3 minutes

WOD 2:

3x max plyo push-ups
3x max chin-ups

Kettlebell Sport


Set 1: lighter than competition, technique work
Set 2: competition weight, competition intensity
Set 3: lighter than competition, competition intensity

2 rounds: fast, heavy single-arm jerks to failure (sprint sets)

4x max pull-ups

25minute Kettlebell step-ups (fast pace)



    1. You do both. The GPP program is set up with multiple WODs to be performed during the same trainng session.

  1. WOD#1
    PP: two 16kg; 20, 17, 16
    AS: 48, 45, 38
    Swing: 20kg; 54, 47, 40

    Push-ups with chest clap: 15, 10, 9
    Chins: 10, 7, 8

    Couldn’t figure out if push press where to be done with one or two bells so I took a guess. Subbed plyo push-ups with another explosive push-up.

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