Complete 8 rounds:
5 Kettlebell Thrusters – heavy
10 Russian Twist (10 RT / 10 LT)
15 KB Swings – heavy
*Rest 30 seconds between rounds

Post time, weights used for thrusters, twists, and swings.

Kettlebell Sport

Two five-minute sets jerk
Rest 10 minutes
Two five-minute set snatches

Long, slow run



    1. It means you do as many jerks as you can in 5 minutes. Then rest.until you are recovered. Then repeat. Then rest 10 minutes and then repeat cycle for the snatches.

  1. Can i please ask for some advise? im doing a couple of events this year superhuman being one of them. so i running, cycling, WODS etc out of these WODS do you think i would be better doing the GPP or the Kettlebell sports workouts for preperation? all help and guidance is appreciated.

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