WOD 1:

3x max weighted pull-ups

WOD 2:

3 rounds for time:
20 double-arm Kettlebell thrusters
25 burpees


WOD 3:

3x max hold hollow body position
2 minute kettlebell double arm Kettlebell swings between hollow body attempts

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Snatch:

Set 1: Lighter than competition weight, full snatches. Focus here is warming up good movement patterns, so end the set feeling good.

Set 2 (Main Set): Competition weight/competition rules – really push the effort here towards higher reps/longer duration

Set 3: 1 swing into 1 snatch – lighter than competition weight – push the grip here then switch arms.

Set 4: (optional) same as set 3 but with competition weight

10x100m sprints – rest 1 minute between rounds. Use grassy area if possible.



  1. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    Set 1/warmup: 20KG – 3 sets of 2 min. each arm w/ 2 min. rest between each.

    Set 2/work: 24KG – 3 sets of 2 min each arm. no rest. struggled on the last sets for each arm. started the set with the intention of going 3 minutes each arm at 15-17 rpm but realized all I could do was 2 min at that pace.

    Set 3/Conditioning: 20KG – 36 reps (swing + snatch = 1 rep) Left, 41 reps Right.

    Cardio: 45 minute steady jog.

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