WOD 1:

10min Max push-ups and chin-ups/pull-ups

*Sets and reps are up to you. Switch movements as needed.

Post totals to comments. Go directly into….

WOD 2:

10min AMRAP:

1 air squat
1 lunge each leg

Post totals rounds to comments.

WOD 3:

10 min AMRAP:

Kettlebell swings

*any style

Post total and weight to comments.

Kettlebell Sport

Set 1: lighter than competition, technique work
Set 2: competition weight, competition intensity
Set 3: lighter than competition, competition intensity

6min fast, heavy single-arm swings. Switch arms as needed, but work the grip

3x max pull-ups – hang from bar until failure after last rep of each set

25minute Kettlebell step-ups (fast pace)



      1. Still training. It’s August 17th. Planning on competing with the 24kg bells in the 85kg weight class.

        I’ll keep you guys posted. I’ll even post a vid of it all.

  1. Wod#1 80 Push-ups, 24 pull-ups, 24 chins. Total 128 reps
    Wod#2 70 rounds
    Wod#3 16kg 120 two hand swing, 50 on each arm. Total 220 reps

  2. Kettlebell Sport Training
    Set 1: 20KG bells Jerk Ladder 1-10
    Set 2: 24KG bells 10 RPM. Monitored my time, kept pace and when pace dropped below 7 RPM, I stopped. Did 2 sets: First set 5 min. Second set 4 min.
    Set 3: 20KG bells. Same as set 2 but went 8 min for 1 set.

    No swings, hands recovering from yesterday
    No pull-ups hands recovering.

  3. First time posting. Former training was crossfit but got burnt out. Took about two months off due to moving to different states. Looking to get into serious kettlebells.

    1. 87 push ups. Pull ups – pavels pull ups

    2. 92 rounds

    3. 176 double arm Russian swings. Switched between hard style and soft style when I began fatiguing.

  4. I know there isn’t a workout for the 24th posted but I did one anyways:

    Kettlebell Sport Training
    Competition sets with 20KG bells.
    10 minute Jerk set
    1 hour rest
    10 minute Snatch set

    Jerk Results: 103 reps total. Pace varied throughout the set from 12 down to 8 rpm. Felt amazing. Totally went all out and left nothing on the platform.

    Snatch Results: 116 reps total. Tried to keep a 16 rpm pace. Couldn’t do it. Ended up with 56 reps with the left hand in 5 minutes, and 60 with the right. Felt as strong as ever. Focused on good form for as long as I could. Still needs improvement and forearm strength.

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