Repeat the following twice:

Run 800m
10min AMRAP:
Swing RT
Clean RT
Push press RT

Repeat with Left arm = 1 round.

Post weight used and total reps of both rounds to comments.

Kettlebell Sport

Set 1: lighter than competition, technique work. Can switch arms as needed.
Set 2: competition weight, competition intensity
Set 3: lighter than competition, competition intensity
Set 4: lighter than competition, 1 swing + 1 snatch. One hand switch allowed.

3x max pull-ups – hang from bar until failure after last rep of each set

25minute Kettlebell step-ups (fast pace)



  1. 16kg
    #1 100 reps / 50 rounds
    #2 102 reps / 51 rounds
    Took a couple of reps to get into the flow of swing-clean-press-switch.

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