WOD 1:

4x max pull-ups, holding top position for 2 seconds each rep

WOD 2:
Repeat 3 times, resting 3 minutes between each attempt:

3min AMRAP-
3 double arm Kettlebell thrusters
5 burpees

*set up so there’s minimal time switching between thrusters and burpees

WoD 3:

3x max forearm plank holds

Kettlebell Sport

Rest 1 minute between sets:

3 minute set snatch
3 minute set double-arm jerks
3 minute set snatch
3 minute set double-arm jerks

Rest as needed

2x double arm jerk static hold. Loooong five count in each position. Feel the “bone on bone” support of your structure in the top position. Heavy if possible, otherwise competition weight.

1x max sumo squats. Do. Not. Set. The. Weight. Down.



  1. wod1: 9,8,6,5
    wod2: 1 set: 4rnd, 5 thrusters, 2 burpees (I accidently did 5 thruster on a first set)
    2 set: 4rnd, 3 thrusters
    3 set: 4rnd, 3 thrusters
    wod3: 1min, 40s, 40s

  2. WOD1: 7,7,6,5
    WOD2: 2×16 kg, 3,3,3 rnds
    WOD3: Skipped that one and did: 5×2 press 24 kg RT and LT, 10x 32 kg cleans RT and LT, 15x swings 32 kg.

  3. High summer temperatures make breathing difficult, it’s 07.00 in the morning and 29.5Celsius.
    4 max pullups: 1st set 8 reps, 2nd set 7 reps, 3rd set 6 reps, 4th set 5 reps

    3 min AMRAPS (with 2x16kg KBs)
    a) 4 rounds
    b) 4 rounds
    c) 3 rounds

    Plank: 1’06”, 1’05”, 1’02”

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