WOD 1:
2x max pull-ups

WOD 2:
3 rounds:
50 single-arm swings each arm
15 LT/15 RT push presses
15 LT/15 RT Kettlebell lunge

WOD 3:
As a circuit:
3x max chin-ups
3x max plank holds

Kettlebell Sport

Warm-up with light technique work, but enough to really work the movement pattern

Two minute rest between sets:

Set 1: 5 minute snatch sets – competition weight
Set 2: 5 minute snatch set – lighter weight
Set 3: 5 minute swing + snatch set – competition weight

4x max pull-ups – hang from bar until failure after last rep of each set

10x100m sprints



  1. Really tired today…
    WOD1: 12-10
    WOD2: 2 rounds (24 kg)
    WOD3: 8,7,6 (no plank holds)
    WOD4: 10 cleans each arm (24 kg)

  2. Wod1: 19, 13
    Wod2: First round full. Second 25 swing, rest full. Third 20, 10, 10
    Wod3: 16, 40s, 9, 35s, 7, 30s

  3. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    Coach, on a family vacation/trip this week. Was on the road all weekend. Brought my 24 kg bell with me (and my 20 kg).

    Today did a deck of cards workout: For every black card, did snatches, For every red card, did one arm push press.
    (black 4: 4 snatches left, 4 snatches right)
    (red 4: 4 push presses left, 4 push presses right)

    Tomorrow will be a deck of cards workout with swings and cleans followed by a long jog on the beach.

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