WOD 1:

Pullup Ladder – progress to failure twice


4×8 Bulgarian split squats
*Perform a couple test reps. If you are off balance  or “wobbly”, perform unweighted.

WOD 2:

6min AMRAP: one-arm long cycle

Post weight and total reps to comments.

Rest until completely recovered, then:

6min Airdyne or run for distance

Record movement performed and distance to comments.

WOD 3:

3x Push-up plank hold (squeeze stomach and glutes)

Kettlebell Sport

Warm-up with light technique work (snatch)

Set 1: Lighter than comp – 1 swing 1 snatch, one hand switch. Record time and reps to comments
Set 2: Comp – snatch only. Record time to comments.
Set 3: Same as set 1
*Rest until recovered with all efforts

3x max push-up plank hold (squeeze stomach and glutes)

Run 5k



  1. WOD1: 1…6 and 1…5. You are strong on the pull ups, pastorjeich!

    4×8 Bulg squats (2×16 kg)

    WOD2: Long cycle 40 reps (24 kg)

    6 min running – 1200 meters

    WOD3: 1×60 s plank hold (I hate them…) 3×15 two hand swing 32 kg, 1×5 cleans right and left side 32 kg.

    I say the same thing as the blog admin – I would love to see some more result in the comments!

  2. Wod#1 pull 1…6…1, 1…5…1
    Bulgarians with one 8kg. Haven’t done that exercise for a while.
    Wod#2 42rep/arm 16kg
    Running 1300m
    Wod#3 120s, 70s, 50s

  3. WOD 1: Positioned the KB between shoulder blades
    3 rounds @ 16 kg
    1 round @ 24 kg
    Pavels Pull Ups
    WOD 2: 46 reps with 24 kg bell long cycle
    WOD 3: 61s , 51s, 47s

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