Both GPP and Kettlebell Sport

60-90min of consistent work. Kettlebell, body weight, whatever. Work on skill stuff, have a large rotation of movements. Do mobility work if you need to take a brief rest. Longer duration is more important here than a high intensity, so have fun with it.



  1. 4sets 10-15 reps each step ups, American swings (24kg), leg raises, triceps levers (24kg), bulgarian squats (16kg), + 3sets 50 skip ropes, 10 -sandbag zercher clean squats, -now to walk Ella

  2. Started with a walk of 6km.
    Trained basic kettlebell movements (swing, clean, press, snatch, tgup) first with an 8kg bell then a second round with 12kg.
    Proceeded into acrobatics. Frog stand, leg raises while standing on head and wall handstand push-ups.

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