Tabata Air Squats
Rest 4 minutes
Tabata double-arm swings
Rest 4 minutes
Tabata push press (Light)

Kettlebell Sport

Warm-up with technique work at competition weight

10 minute snatch – lighter than competition

rest 10 minutes

10 minute double-arm jerks – lighter than competition <— if you can go to 12 minutes, do it



    1. Keep the intensity high, keep the volume low. I’m writing suggestions for you, but do what you feel good doing. You don’t want to “take it easy” because you’ll show up to the competition feeling sluggish, but you do want to keep it relatively short so you have enough recovery.

  1. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    Snatch 20kg 10 min set:
    50 reps left
    57 reps right.
    Pushed but not too hard. Didn’t want to waste hands/elbows/shoulders.

    Jerk 20kg bells 12 min set:
    6-8 rpm consistent. Again, pushed, but not too hard. Felt good.

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