4min one arm long cycle (switch as needed)
Rest 2 minutes
4min on arm long cycle
Rest 2 minutes
4min heavy swings
Rest 2 minutes
4min heavy swings

KB Sport

Cheer JayHenMac on at his competition today.


6min long cycle
Rest 2 minutes
3min long cycle
Rest 2 minutes
2min long cycle
Rest 2 min
1min long cycle

20min kb step ups



  1. Well the comp was great. My performance wasn’t what I had hoped but I am happy.

    I hit 57 reps in the jerk but the judge gave me seven No Counts. He was tough on everyone on his platform today.

    My snatch ended tragically early when I lost the bell on the 34th rep. yep. didn’t even make it to the switch. it was as much a surprise to me as it was to everyone else when the bell slammed into the floor between my feet. oh well.

    Two things i took away from today. At my next meet, whenever that is, I will destroy the 24s. I am seriously motivated. More than I have been after any of my previous meets. Secondly, no matter how much you prep, sometimes the bell just… slips.

    Lets do this.

    1. Tough break, but very cool learning from something that you can’t get by working out in a garage.

      Did the judge tell you why you were no repped? Did you last the full 10?

      1. I got the NCs because I was a little quick coming out of the overhead lockout. I can’t argue, my judge was Hetmanenko Serhiy and I don’t think there are many people who could argue with his expertise in the sport.
        I didn’t go the full ten, but that was my own fault. My first two minutes were at a pace that was close to 11 RPM. I can chalk that up to competition jitters/adrenaline. He did complement me on my rack position and told me that, in his opinion, if I had started out at 5-6 rpm and slowly increased speed I could have completed the full ten and more than likely would have had better lockouts.

    2. Way to go, jay. Results are what you wanted, but you definitely learned things you wouldn’t have had you not competed. Looking forward to continuing work with you.

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