Kettlebell Sport – you’re going through a GPP cycle, so only one workout with be posted per day. You should start each day with both snatch and jerk technique work.


8min AMRAP:
200m run
10 double push press
10 single arm swings

Rest 4 minutes then repeat



  1. Technique work/joint mobility:
    20kg double jerks, 3 sets of 10 with slight pause at top and a solid rest in the rack.
    20kg snatch, 3 sets of 10/arm with emphasis on dropping the bell, snatching the bell close to the body.
    Repeated with 24s but 2 sets of 5 instead of 3 sets of 10.

    The judge did say that my no counts were because of coming out of the lockout too quickly. some of my reps had almost no stop at the top at all.

    Round 1, 28kg bells, 2.5 rounds but completed the 3rd.
    Round 2, 24kg bells, 3.5 rounds but completed the 4th.

  2. Done, didn’t count though. Unsure about one thing. When you just write 10 single arm swings is it then do 10 switch as needed or do 10 right and then left?

    1. I had the same question, I assumed 10 swings total as it was an AMRAP and the emphasis seemed to be on intensity/constant movement

  3. GPP:

    1st – 4 rounds 16 kg
    2nd – 4 rounds 16 kg

    Felt a little bit easy… I need to buy two 20 kg och one more 24 kg…

    2×10 strict chins, 10 cleans each side (32 kg), 4×3 push press each side (32 kg) with some pull ups in between sets.

  4. #1, 4 rounds, 2x16kg for the press, 1×20 for the single arm swings
    #2, 4 rounds, 2x16kg for the press, 1×20 for the three rounds of single arm swings, did the fourth round with 1x16kg bell.

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