GPP and Kettlebell Sport

Sport – include both jerk and snatch technique work in warmup

WOD 1:
As a circuit:
3x max pull-ups
3x Bulgarian split squats 8-12 reps

Post reps and load to comments.

WOD 2:

5min AMRAP:
3 double kb thrusters
5 burpees

Rest 3 minutes

5min AMRAP:
3 goblet squats (heavy)
5 double arm swings (heavy)

Rest 5 minutes

Run 1 mile

Post total rounds and mile time to comments.



  1. WOD#1 Pups 17-13-14
    BgSq 12/10 -12/12-12/10 16kg

    Burpee/Thrusters 6rnds (had to break burpees into segments due to wanting to throwup)
    Squat/Swings -quit at 3 minutes due to back hurting
    did 7 rnds with 24kg

    WOD#3 Mile run 13:30

  2. Warm Up: Sets of 3 reps Jerks and Snatches. Didn’t really keep count.

    W1: 20kg bells for BgSq. Pull Ups: 9,10,9
    W2: Burpee/Thrusters (24kg bells) – 5 rounds. I felt like I was dragging. Maybe leftovers from the weekend.
    W3: Squat/Swing (28kg bell) – 7 rounds. Did 5 single arm sport swings per arm instead of 5 double.
    Run: 8min 46sec.

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