KettlebellWOD started as a way to gather data about programming. After a year and ending up with two or three people posting consistently, it isn’t viable enough to continue putting the time/energy/thought into.

You’re more than welcome to continue using the WODs that have been posted, for free, since 2012.



  1. Hi Phil,

    This is a shame. I’ve been this programming (as it was excellent) since May of this year. I began to post just a few weeks ago, and regret not starting sooner.

    Best of luck in your next endeavor.


    SPC SEG.

  2. That’s a real shame; I’m not one of the consistent ones, but I enjoyed the on-and-off training (plus I’ve been training at home with no bar, so I couldn’t do most of the wods). Best of luck in anything you’re going to be doing

  3. I agree with the others, the workouts will be missed.
    Thanks for great tips on how to program with just kettlebells and a pull up bar.
    Good luck with your future projects. Cheers from Sweden!

  4. Nooooooo! I never post but always follow the WOD! I love your site….and programming. Please contact me…..I am more than happy to discuss other options……ie financial.

  5. I found this site about 2 months ago and been following it since. Posting now and then. I’m ready to follow if you are going some paid option. Great site, great WODs. Thanks.

  6. A big thank you for your work ! I often use your WODs ! And I love the KB level progression.
    Do you have a document which gather all your WODs ?

    But please, DO NOT delete your blog, it’s a great resource ! 🙂

  7. Another big thank you for your work and efforts! I picked up some KBs for XMas and started following your programming off and on, when I couldn’t make it to the box. I regret not posting too; know that you had other followers like myself! Thanks again.

  8. I checked the site every day. I never posted on it but really liked the workouts. I’m disappointed but can’t imagine the thought and time involved. Good luck going forward.
    I direct fellow police officers here for gpp training.

  9. That really sucks. I was one never to post but I followed the programming 2x a week.

    Hope you reconsider. Perhaps get volunteers to help you out with posting and maintaining the site. Or offer the programming to another site that can get some eyes on it.


  10. I’ve been incorporating anywhere from 1-3 of your WODs into my existing routines for approx 6 months. I never posted until now. Thank you for the time/energy you put in. It was appreciated. I’m sorry I didn’t show it sooner.

  11. I believe that the problem of “I followed but didn’t post” was exactly the reason he stopped programming. He is trying to gather info to refine his programming. If no (or few) people post feedback, there is no reason to continue.

  12. Great workouts getting back into shape after injury and a few months off. Only doing half workout. First day back but it still kicked my butt

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