Thursday November 6th

100 push-ups for time

Active Rest 10 minutes, then

12min AMRAP:
One-arm, one Kettlebell –
1 Kettlebell clean
1 front squat with kb in rack position
1 jerk
Repeat complex with opposite arm. Alternate until time cap.

Right arm complex + left arm complex = 1 round

Score is number of complete round + partial reps, i.e. 20 rounds + 3 reps

Choose your own weight.

Cash out:
100 v-ups for time



  1. Push ups: 8 min 18 s

    20 rounds with 24 kg

    Skipped the V-ups and did 50 hanging leg raises and 50 push ups in 9 min 22 s directly after the kettlebell rounds.

    Come on people, post your results!

  2. I’m thinking about doing a short round of weight lifting as the cash-in for the workouts.

    Squats– 185-15, 225-8, 225-7, 245-4
    Deadlifts– 275-4
    My body is feeling super stiff and these reps are lower than my normal lifts

    40 rounds with 35#


    Max HR 182

    As someone who did these workouts in the past and hated to see them go away, I want to encourage people to post their results!

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