Monday – November 10th

100 Hand to hand swings – you choose weight

12min AMRAP:

12 double-kettlebell thrusters 16kg/12kg
9 box jumps
7 pullups

4 rounds:
30s of plyometric pushups
1:30 rest



      1. Awesome! I’m glad I randomly looked at your archives for ideas today! Any word on integrating a sprint protocol to your WOD? I know that was a direction your were headed in before you went offline for a bit.

      2. Try using whatever sprint protocol you want after the workout of the day. If possible, I would include some kind of rest period between the two to ensure the sprints are at a high intensity.

  1. Cash in: I used my wife’s 15 pounder for the cash in, nice warm up. Should have used my 35, I expected it to be tougher.

    WOD: I only have 1 bell so I did thrusters with 75#.
    4 rounds + 8 jumps

    Cash out: clapping pushups
    13, 8, 9, 10

    Max HR- 177

  2. Cash in – 32 KG

    WOD- 4 rounds and 10 snatches
    **(Subbed 2x24kg for 2 rounds, then 1x32kg for 2 rounds [6 reps per side]) (Subbed 10 Snatches @ 24kg for box jumps)

    Cashout- 24, 17, 14, 14

    Awesome workout! Thanks Phil!

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