Monday – November 16

WOD 1:

4 rounds:
1 minute goblet squats
1 minute rest

WOD 2:

About 80%-90% effort:

2 rounds for a total of 60 minutes (if you are short on time decrease the rest periods, but be aware that you will need to decrease the intensity of work to compensate for decreased rest time)

5 minutes:
10 Pushups
3 Pullups

rest 5 minutes

5 minute:
10 Double-arm swings
5 Burpees

rest 5 minutes

5 min:
7 box jumps
8-12 double kettlebell Push Press

rest 5 minutes then repeat

Post total complete rounds + total leftover reps to comments. Note weights used.



  1. Thank u for posting workouts again!!!
    By far my favorite site I have ever found!! Been using it for a long time.
    I hated to see it go away but damn happy it’s back! I’m a kb garage guy and use ur site for training.
    What is your contact email?
    I would love to run a few questions by you as far as training goes
    Thanks again

  2. 4 rounds of 30 with 25lbs
    6 5 6 rounds
    6 rounds 7 push ups, 6, 6 rounds 7 box jumps
    25 lbs
    Awesome to see you guys doing this again

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