Monday – November 24

4 set Bulgarian split squats, 8-12 reps per leg. Hold Kettlebells in farmer’s carry position

WOD: 10min AMRAP
5 goblet squats 32kg
10 burpees
15 double-arm swings 32kg

4 sets max pullups (palms away) hang from the bar as long as possible after the last rep of each set


One comment

  1. Cash in: 8×4 Bulgarian Split Squats, from 106# to 150#. Used 2x 53# KBs and a 50# vest.

    WOD: 7 sets… barely.

    Cash out: 8, 9, 9, 10 Pull ups. I used strict form.

    Lesson Learned: I probably should have done the cash out before the WOD. I was too tired to get the most reps out of it, as can be seen by my reps INCREASING.


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