Monday – December 1

Strength I:
4 sets Bulgarian Split Squat – 8-12 reps each leg

Strength II:
4 sets seated one-arm strict press – 8-12 reps each arm


10 AMRAP, in an ascending ladder:
Double-arm Swing
Goblet Squat

Perform 1 swing 1 Goblet squat, 2 swings 2 goblet squats, 3 swings 3 goblet squats…… for 10 minutes. Goal is highest level possible. Post score like this “highest round entered/reps completed in round”

Example: 15+17 (Athlete got to the 15 rep round and performed 17 total reps in that round).



  1. Did a modified Starting Strength session for “strength.”

    WOD: Got 10 full rounds (10/20) with a 70# kettlebell. Really tough for me!

    PS – Love this programming. I seems “varied” but not “random.” Is that correct? Have you written anywhere on your programming philosophy?

    1. Hey Michael – You’re right in that it’s varied but but not random. A very simplified explanation would be to move in many different ways and train all the different energy systems of the body in the way they need to be trained, i.e. You need to be strong and have endurance but you wouldnt train those qualities in the same way.

  2. Decided to randomly check this site today and was pleasantly surprised to see I had missed a month of NEW workouts. Thanks for posting again. First KB workout back. Took it slow and easy.

    Strength I – 4 @ 24kg
    Strength II – 4 @ 24kg

    Wod – 11/18 @24kg

  3. Great session. This is actually exactly the kind of programming I used to build unilateral strength ages ago.

    Warmup: 2 sets of 3 reps of 32kg Turkish get ups.

    Strength 1: worked up to 8 reps of 2x 32kg KBs. Can’t wait to start loading up the vest!
    Strength 2: kept it at 8 reps of 24kg KBs.

    WOD: worked up to 12! Really need to work on that grip.

    Lessons learned: I need a more stable place to do the split squats. I need to work up to sling seated 32kg presses at that rep range! No ego!

  4. These are a great addition to my strength training, but my newness to dynamic exercises shows. 20kg 10/10 x 4, 20kg 11/11 x 4, 20kg 11 + 12

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