Monday – December 8

A. 10 min TGU practice – work each point to perfection – constant movement

B. Bulgarian split squats 8-12/leg x 3 sets/leg; rest 45 sec b/t legs

C. 4 sets:
10 double kettlebell push press
60 seconds kb jumping squats
(rest walk 2 min b/t sets)

D. 3x max chin-ups



  1. TGUs went well with 16kg. Did reverse lunges to protect knee. Went well with 16kg. WOD#2 what’s a double double? Thot it was a typo at first. Averaged 11 jump squats with 16kg. WOD #3 Ring pullups in L position 10-7-6

  2. Great workout.

    A. TGUs with 20 kg
    B. Split squats with 20 kg
    C. Push presses with 2x 20 kg, jump squats 15 squats with a single 20 kg
    D. Chin-ups: 8,7,6

  3. A – TGUs with 53kg
    B – Split Squats with 20 kg
    C – Double push press with 53kg and jump squats with 16 kg
    D – 7-7-7

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