Saturday – December 27

6 rounds of 20s work/20s rest
Double kettlebell push press 16kg

**during “rest” kettlebells are held locked out overhead**

Rest 6 minutes

6 minute AMRAP:
1 arm swing
1 clean
1 front squat
Repeat complex with opposite arm

Rest six minutes, then
5×12 (six each leg) reverse lunges

Rest 6 minutes then
4 sets max pull-ups – at last two of each set, hang from the bar as long as possible, rest as needed



  1. Thought the first WOD would be easy. Boy was I wrong! 14-11-9-7-7-5=53 and failed to hold in rest position after rnd 3
    WOD#2 29 rnds @16kg
    WOD#3 20kg
    WOD#4 28reps total on rings

  2. The first part was much harder than I thought. 2 x 12kg, failed in rest after round 3.

    Lost count in second part, 16kg.

    16kg lunges too.

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