Friday – January 23

Sub-max is a hard effort – but you leave reps “in the tank” to ensure technique doesn’t go to crap over the course of the sets.

Today’s work is “armor-building” so get a good amount of quality reps in, increase the rest time if needed.

Phase A – 4 sets:
Sub-max goblet squats 32kg/24kg
Sub-max double arm swings with the same weight 32kg/24kg
Rest 3 minutes

Phase B – 4 sets:
Sub-max double-arm push press – two count pause at the top – 24kg/16kg
Sub-max farmers carry reverse lunges -24kg/16kg
Rest 3 minutes

Phase C -4 sets:
Sub-max push-ups
Sub-max pullups
Rest 3 minutes

Score is total reps across all phases

Cash-out: 4 minute hollow hold



  1. Didn’t have a 32kg so dubbed it out with a 16kg in each hand and did front squats and two arm swings:

    Squat = 44
    Swing = 63

    Push press 2x16kg = 43
    Lunges 2x16kg = 40

    Push ups = 96
    Pull ups = 28

  2. @32 kg
    goblet squats : 80
    swings 45

    @2×24 kg
    PP : 25
    L : 24

    Push ups around 70
    No pull ups for me, still in shoulder recovery.

  3. goblet squats 32kg= 54
    swings 32kg=98
    pp 2x24kg=25
    lunge 2x24kg=56
    one arm push up=28
    pull ups=29
    total score=290

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