Monday – February 2

Compare to January 23:

Sub-max is a hard effort – but you leave reps “in the tank” to ensure technique doesn’t go to crap over the course of the sets.

Today’s work is “armor-building” so get a good amount of quality reps in, increase the rest time if needed.

Phase A – 4 sets:
Sub-max goblet squats 32kg/24kg
Sub-max double arm swings with the same weight 32kg/24kg
Rest 3 minutes

Phase B – 4 sets:
Sub-max double-arm push press – two count pause at the top – 24kg/16kg
Sub-max farmers carry reverse lunges -24kg/16kg
Rest 3 minutes

Phase C -4 sets:
Sub-max push-ups
Sub-max pullups
Rest 3 minutes

Score is total reps across all phases



  1. Was not a good day.
    Goblet squats 57 Swings 115 Push Press 40 FC RvLunge 48, Pushups 75 Pullups 30

    Although total reps up considerably, that’s due to FCrvLunge using one 24kg and balancing with other hand

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