Wednesday – February 18

10 minutes:
Standing strict press – accumulate as many sets of 2 reps with as heavy a kettlebell as possible. Go to push press if necessary to get more reps. Quality reps here – you have more push press work later on.


One-arm swing – 5 sets of 1:00 right arm/1:00 left arm 1:00 minute rest (same weight as monday)
Rest 5 minutes
Double-kettlebell clean and push press or jerk, first two sets with a heavier kettlebell, last three with lighter kettlebell –
5 sets 1:00 work/1:00 rest – Don’t set kettlebells down during work minute

4 minutes: Dead hang from bar – push the grip



  1. 26kg press for 10mins.
    No idea on RD’s

    24kg swings-did 45s instead of min

    20kg LC- reps 8,9,10,11,12
    First time Lc in a while
    forgot to switch to lighter bells for later rds.
    Gret training! Thanks again

  2. Great session !

    2 sets @ 28kg then 24 kg sets for the strict press.
    24 kg swings. 30/30 reps for the two first rounds then 20/20 reps.
    2 rounds @ 32 kg double Clean and push press (5 & 3 reps).
    3 rounds @ 24 kg, much easier

  3. Went with weighted Dips/Pull-ups ( using it to prep for an upcoming PT Test)
    Swings at 24kg
    Performed an extra set with double C/P do to KB limitation (wieghts were 16kg/24kg) ensured equal split in weight between arms.

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