Monday – February 22


12 minutes TGU work


Snatch – 5 sets of 1:30 right arm/1:30 left arm/1:00 Rest Pace so that you can last as close to the 1:30 as possible – rest in the top position when needed

Rest 5 minutes

One-arm swings (heavier than snatch set) 4 set of 1:30 right arm/1:30 left arm 1:00 minute rest

Rest 5 minutes

One-Arm Jerk – 5 sets of 1:30 right arm/1:30 left arm/1:00 Rest



  1. I’m so glad to see you’re putting more programming up. I discovered your blog in 2013 and was sad to see you quit posting for a while. I really enjoy your programming and will start following it again. I almost never post my times but I follow you. Thanks a bunch! Josh

  2. Same here. Stoked to see this still exists. I think I was checking this blog back in 2011 and only recently started thinking of it again. Glad to see you’re still here.

      1. Phil, sincerely thanks man. The blog is awesome and I can do it at the house for the most part. Been a follower since 2012. Really happy you started posting again

  3. Echo everybody else! Thanks for the great programming!
    Truly appreciate it!
    Working day behind…
    Snatch 20kgs
    Did double Bells for LC 20kg
    I do miss some GS training!

  4. I tried doing the snatches/swings/jerks with 35lb’er. I thought that’d be light enough since it’s the lightest I have. NOPE. By the end my forearms felt like to over cooked hotdogs in the microwave. Love the KB wods! Keep it up. ~Jesse

    1. Just keep chipping away with the 35s, resting during the work time as you need to. Ehen youre able to go the full work time without too many breaks/forearms being destroyed, then go up in weight.

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