Wednesday – february 24

10 minutes:
Standing strict press – accumulate as many reps with as heavy a kettlebell as possible. Perform Max reps each arm then perform a set of Max Pullups.

So it might look something like this:
2 reps 32kg right arm
2 reps 32kg left arm
12 pullups
Rest 1 minute and repeat

Go to push press if necessary to get more reps. Quality reps here – you have more overhead work later on.

rest 5 minutes

One-arm swing – 5 sets of 1:00 right arm/1:00 left arm 1:00 rest (same weight as monday)

Rest 5 minutes

Double-kettlebell clean and jerk (long cycle) first two sets with 24kg, last three with 16 kg – 5 sets 1:30work/1:30 rest – Don’t set kettlebells down during work minute

Rest 5 minutes

4 minute hollow hold



  1. Strength:
    2 reps per side @32kg
    3 pull-ups per round

    5 rds of swings @24kg
    10-12 reps per side

    4 rds of LCCJ
    35 and 24kg( don’t have match KBs)
    Switch hands an bells each round.
    Right shoulder got twitchy toward the end.

  2. 28kg press 5/5
    Pull-ups 12,10,10,8
    Swings 24kg for 2 Rds then 20kg
    Need to work more single arm swings, not my best movement.
    LC 24’s 10 reps, no rush made sure to hit good swing and solid rack with strong jerk. Haven’t been under greens in a while with LC. Miss my LC days!

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