Evidently my posts having been showing up for the past two days. WordPress ftw…

10 minutes: Standing strict press – accumulate as many reps with as heavy a kettlebell as possible. Perform Max reps each arm then perform a set of Max Pullups. So it might look something like this: 2 reps 32kg right arm 2 reps 32kg left arm 12 pullups Rest 1 minute and repeat Go to push press if necessary to get more reps. 

rest 5 minutes 

One-arm swing – 5 sets of 1:30 right arm/1:30 left arm 1:00 rest (same weight as monday) 

Rest 5 minutes Double-kettlebell clean and jerk (long cycle) first two sets with 24kg, last three with 16 kg – 5 sets 1:30work/1:30 rest – Don’t set kettlebells down during work minute 

Rest 5 minutes 

4 minute hollow hold



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