Wednesday – March 25


Accumulate 50 strict pullups in a descending ladder fashion. For example:

set 1: 5 reps
set 2: 4 reps
set 3: 3 reps
set 4: 2 reps
set 5: 1 rep
restart back at 5 reps. continue until you reach 50


Repeat the following AMRAPs rest twice. The goal the second time through is to meet or beat your first round score.

3 Minute AMRAP:
10 heavy double arm swings
10 pushups
Rest 3 minutes
3 Minute AMRAP:
Double-kettlebell clean and jerk (long cycle) medium weight – Use a weight that allows you to move somewhat quickly throughout the 3 minutes (this will suck)  rest 3 minutes
3 minute AMRAP:
10 Goblet squats medium weight
10 double-arm swings heavy

Cash-out: Four minute hollow body hold



  1. Section 1 33kg 4 sets +2 reps
    Section 2 20kg 19
    Section 3 20kg/33kg 3 sets+4reps

    Pretty sore and tired from my last workout. So didn’t push for a second set. That way whatever I do next time will be an improvement 🙂

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