Friday – March 27

Cash-in: Accumulate 50 pullups and/or chinup in the ladder format described earlier this week


5 minutes AMRAP:
5 double kettlebell thruster (if you have lower back/mobility issues you could perform a push press with a bigger dip)
5 double kettlebell cleans
5 double kettlebell swings
7 Box jumps step down
rest 5 minutes
4 minutes AMRAP:
4 double kettlebell thruster
4 double kettlebell cleans
4 double kettlebell swings
5 Box jumps step down
Rest 4 minutes
3 minute AMRAP
3 double kettlebell thruster
3 double kettlebell cleans
3 double kettlebell swings
4 box jumps step down

Cash-out: 100 pushups BUT every time you break, perform and max hollow hold


One comment

  1. Started this but didn’t finish. Low back starts screaming after 3 fast thrusters (Going slowly is much less a problem). So worked on form instead. On the plus side I did 50 long cycle reps with a 32kg (5×1..4 ladders).

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