Friday – April 10

30 min AMRAP:

Double-arm kettlebell swings

Air squat


Accumulate as many reps of each movement as possible. Once you break reps, you must rotate into the next movement. Rotate through the movements for 30 minutes. 

Post number of reps of each movement, along with a total, to comments. 



  1. Double KB Strength WORKOUT

    A1: Single Leg Deadlift – 5 each side A2: Double Windmill – 5 each side Repeat 2 times. Rest 90 seconds between supersets.

    B1: Double Snatch to Overhead Squat – 5-6 reps B2: Double Kettlebell Dragon Flags – 3-5 reps slow Repeat 3 times. Rest 120 seconds between supersets.

    C1: Renegade Row – 10-14 reps (5-7 per side) C2: Pull Ups – 6-8 reps Repeat 3 times. Rest 90-120 seconds between supersets.

    FINISHER 20 Kettlebell Swings, 6 Lunges, 5 Push Ups for 5 rounds. OR 10 Sandbell Slams, 5 Jump Squats, 5 Push Ups for 5 rounds

    Double KB Simple Strength Endurance WORKOUT

    A1: 10 Double Kettlebell Rack Squats A2: 10 Double Kettlebell Bent Over Rows A3: 10 Double Push Press Repeat with 9 reps, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of each. See how long this will take you. It’s TOUGH with double 32kg kettlebells.

    Double KB Movement Conditioning Workout

    A1: 14 Double Long Cycle Clean & Jerk A2: 12 Double Alternating Cleans A3: 10 Push Ups Alternately raising one foot off the ground A4: 8 Double Kettlebell Swings Outside the Legs A5: 6 Snatches each arm A6: 4 Pistols each leg A7: 2 Turkish Get Ups each side Finish the round then cut off the last exercise in the list; subtract those reps from the previous round. For example, the second round start with 14 Long Cycle and does not include the Turkish Get Ups at the end. Each round continue to delete and subtract until the last round is only t Long Cycle Reps

    Double KB Strength and Power

    Rest between A,B, C as needed. Group D is a 5 round circuit.

    A1. Seesaw Press 5 rounds x 10 reps

    B1. Double front Squat 5 rounds x 10 reps

    C1. Double Windmills (Each Side) 5 rounds x 5 reps

    D1. 1-Am Double Dead Clean (Each Side) 5 rounds x 10 reps

    D2. Alternating Double Lunge 5 rounds x 10 reps

    D3. Double Clean 5 rounds x 10 reps

  2. Didn’t mean to send that to you – I have a VIP folder for these emails from you that I kept a string on. Love the workouts, thank you for posting them!

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