10000 swing – workout 19

10 Swings
Dip 2 reps
15 Swings
Dip 3 reps
25 Swings
Dip 5 reps
50 Swings
Rest 30-60 seconds; repeat 4 more times.



  1. Only got 300 in 40:28. I was doing dbl 16kg snatches and 4-6-8 dips. Shoulders gave out so form went to pot. Did 6 sets of max dips as punishment (14-13-13-10-9-6)

  2. I tried 10,000 swings this winter, kind of for the hell of it. I definitely liked the conditioning benefit, and it totally stepped my kettlebell game up to a heavier class of ‘bells and much stronger hip drive for all movements.

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