Monday – June 15

100x Squat +

90sec plank hold+

90x Pushup +

90sec plank hold+

80x Pull-up +

90sec plank hold +

70x Tuck up +

90sec plank hold+

60x Burpee +

90 sec plank hold +

50x Deck Squat +

90sec plank hold


Monday – June 7

30 min AMRAP:

Double-arm kettlebell swings

Air squat


Accumulate as many reps of each movement as possible. Once you break reps, you must rotate into the next movement. Rotate through the movements for 30 minutes.

Post number of reps of each movement, along with a total, to comments.

Friday – June 5th

Run 200m
100 single-arm swings (50/50)
50 burpees (sub light goblet squats for burpees if needed)
Run 200m
75 double-arm swings (heavier than your single arm weight)
25 Burpees
Run 200m
50 single-arm swings (25/25)
15 Burpees
Run 200m